The COLORS Print of the 2002 and 1600!

I’ve been wanting to do a colors poster after the original was abruptly discontinued before I could get my hands on one. This project has been years in the making and I’m happy to finally offer it with the details and colors as accurate and authentic as possible. Every color was matched to the correct year and series 1600 or 02, right down to the correct wheel, trims and bumpers. From the early 1600 to the later US and Euro sqauretails, there is a nice mixture that includes the Turbo, Touring, Baur and Convertibles. Limited Quantity

The print comes in 24″x17″ or 36″x24″. Available now in our store, elefant print

Colors of 2002s_FINAL_CS3_R3

Colors of 2002s_FINAL_CS3_R3

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Gap Commercial – 02 content

You often see our lil 2002 in fashion ads such as Kate Spade, Ralph Lauren, Hilfiger, etc. Here’s a quick cameo in this Gap ad.



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Brisbane Swap & Meet Show 2014

The annual Bay Area Swap & Meet show has come and gone again. This is one of my favorite shows of the year and one I always make sure I attend and support. The first show was in 2001 and was located at the El Camino Park in Palo Alto. It was there that I started looking for a perfect 02 for my M2 project. What I found was life long friends and great memories.

Huge thanks to Derek, Larry and the rest of the BA gang for keeping the show going after all these years. Until next year, here are some pictures from the past week.

photo 2 (4)photo 1 (4)photo 4 (4)post-37916-0-93653500-1399256624post-46301-0-19441900-1399302524photo 1photo 3 (4)photo 4photo 5 (2)photo 3 (2)photo 4 (3)post-37916-0-31298900-1399317063

some photo credit to bmw2002faq:carpediem, BMWonly

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ALPINA Pig Cheek & Squaretail Skatedecks

Everyone loves the “Pig Cheek” ALPINA 2002 Ti and I wanted to pay tribute to possibly the most popular 02 ever. As always, limited production run. Get them here!



I’m not a huge fan of the US running board bumper on the later cars but I appreciate them. Here’s to big bumpers and square tails! Cheers!! Available in Verona Red here


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For the garage queen owners,  the Chamonix 2002 Turbo in car cover Ice Grey. Available hereTurboTshirt

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2002 PATINA Tee

Most call it rusty pile of junk but car guys like to refer to it as “Patina”. This picture tee salutes the owners that want to just drive and enjoy their 02s to the fullest. Three cheers for patina!! Available in black or tan here

photo 1

photo 2

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tic tac e30 m3 DTM design

Our 2nd DTM e30 M3 design is finally here! The 1991 #43 Tic Tac sponsored Championship M3! Back design with the tic tac chest hit on the front. Available in Black, Sports Grey or Forest Green. Also, limited run of Zip ups in Grey. Order herephoto 1(4)photo 1(3)

blackFront GreyBACK

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OH TWO Tee in two new colorsways!

Just released for 2014 for our popular OH TWO tee in Inka and Agave colors. Available here!1001 1003

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E30 M3 Mobil 1 decks are now in stock.

It has been a while since I worked on an elefant project.  This is the latest addition to our skate deck collection. Grab your now before they are gone! On sale here.Elefantsupply_Mobil1_deck

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Bimmerfest 2013 – Rose Bowl

This year’s Bimmerfest was held right outside of the Rose Bowl stadium. A tip for anyone going next year is to come early! We did and barely had to wait in line. Even at 630am the line of cars outside the gates started to pile up.

Bimmerfest2013 6

This was personally my first time attending Bimmerfest and I was pleased with the amount of cars and people that made a showing. It seemed that no matter what time you looked out the gate, people were waiting to park and get it. The field was filled with people almost elbow-to-elbow in the vendor section. The vendor area was great if you wanted to see new products being offered, from wheels, to racing hardware, to wax for the shine. Dealerships were on hand to showcase the newest BMW models fresh from the lot. Surrounding the vendors was a complete circle of BMWs, new and old. This is where the real enthusiasts were at.  SoCal Vintage had a strong showing cars that attracted the on-lookers.  It was my favorite place to be.  Even though we were there for few hours, we didn’t get a chance to see every single car, but we did see a few gems here and there. They definitely stood out from the crowd.  To prove it, check out Mike Burroughs’ BMW powered rat-rod.

Bimmerfest2013 58

Even if you weren’t a BMW fan and was dragged out to go, this show would definitely make you one. I’m already a fan, but I appreciate them even more. It’s great to see all the BMW enthusiasts get together for some good times, catching up with old friends, and putting forum names to faces. Until next year…

Bimmerfest2013 90

Here are a few more cars I want to share with the Elefant Supply followers.  I know you guys and gals would appreciate these most. If you want to check out more photos, click the link below.


Bimmerfest2013 69


Bimmerfest2013 66


Bimmerfest2013 67

Bimmerfest2013 64

Bimmerfest2013 63

Bimmerfest2013 61


Bimmerfest2013 54

Bimmerfest2013 51

Bimmerfest2013 50

Bimmerfest2013 48</a

Bimmerfest2013 47

Bimmerfest2013 46</a

Bimmerfest2013 44

Bimmerfest2013 43

Bimmerfest2013 41

Bimmerfest2013 33

Bimmerfest2013 30</a

Bimmerfest2013 23

Bimmerfest2013 20


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