BMW Petri Sport Steering wheel

Arguably one of the most desirable & handsome steering wheel for our beloved 2002s and e9s,  in the same league as the Prototipo Alpina wheel. The Petris came in 35cm, 38cm and 40cm. From what I understand, only the 38cm came in leather which were standard on e9 CSLs.  This particular wheel was 38cm and has seen some good usage and it shows. The leather is well worn, chip on the lower horn where the PO may have tried to pry the horn off and cracked hub cover (not shown). The hub and hub cover are almost unobtainable as it was never sold separately. In it’s current condition, it still fetched 482.00 on eBay with my .99 cent starting bid!! I hate to see what a nice condition one goes for these days but it’s a must have to finish off a nice interior. 

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